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    Arborio Rice

    Arborio Rice (1kg)


    Bearnaise Sauce

    One of the most iconic of all steak sauces.  The balance of flavours between white white and tarragon make it perfect for any steak be it sirloin, rump, ribeye or fillet. 80ml

    Coffee (Antonia & Panesar)

    All these coffees are UK roasted selected for their premium quality and hand roasted in small batches. (227g bags). 

    Flour (Gluten Free White)

    Spiffing gluten free plain white Yorkshire flour. A perfect substitute for everyday wheat flour for both baking and cooking. Eliminate gluten from your diet and try pancakes, bread, cakes and savoury treats, it can even be used for pizza bases. High in fibre. 1.5kg

    Flour (Plain White)

    Spiffing plain Yorkshire flour. A premium strong plain white flour that is versatile and offers great structure and excellent flavour! Can be used to make both sweet and savoury treats! Makes a great loaf due to the strength of the flour. 1.5kg

    Flour (Self Raising White)

    Spiffing self raising Yorkshire flour. Our self-raising flour offers a perfect and consistent rise every time! A fine white flour blended with quality raising agents. Ideal for light sponges, scones, biscuits and homemade cakes. 1.5kg

    Flour (White Yorkshire Pudding Flour)

    This flour can be used to make great Yorkshire puddings, but also great quality bread which has a good structure and excellent flavour, due to the strength of the flour. 1.5kg

    Gordon Rhodes Gourmet Sauce Mixes

    Gordon Rhodes – Jolly Fine Flavours for the Time-challenged Cook. Sold individually.

    Honey Mustard Sauce

    A moreish sauce with a sweetness to compliment a whole host of dishes. Made with the finest mustard seed and fresh honey. Perfect alongside pork, chicken and gammon, equally great when used as a dip or salad dressing. 80ml

    Mushroom Sauce

    A rich and creamy sauce packed full of mushrooms and seasoned with the finest white Muntok pepper to give a beautiful depth of flavour.  Delicious with steak, pork, chicken and game or try using it as a simple pasta sauce. 80ml.

    Pasta (Penne)

    Donna Chiara range of pasta is made in Italy from high quality durum wheat semolina sourced exclusively from Puglia. 500g

    Pepper Sauce

    A deliciously sweet and spicy chilli sauce.  Made with the finest chilli flakes and paprika.  Serve hot with chicken or pork or simply use it as a dip. 80ml.

    Spice Raks Curry Sauce Mix

    Authentic curry kits. Amazing flavours cooked at home. Sold individually.

    Steak Diane Sauce

    A creamy sauce that combines mushroom pieces, mustard seeds and a splash of whiskey to create the perfect finishing touch to your meal.  Delicious with steak, chicken or a quick pasta sauce. 80ml.


    Stilton Sauce

    A perfectly balanced creamy sauce with subtle notes of Blue Stilton and black Lampong pepper. Brilliant when paired with your favourite steak also a great quick pasta sauce. 80ml.

    Sweet Chilli Sauce

    A deliciously sweet and spicy chilli sauce. Made with the finest chilli flakes and paprika. Serve hot with chicken or pork or simply use it as a dip. 80ml

    White Long Grain Rice

    White long grain rice (1kg)

    Yorkshire Tea

    Taylors Of Harrogate – Yorkshire Tea (80 Tea Bags)